Choose the Right – Popular CTR Rings

CTR rings are becoming increasingly popular nowadays and are being worn by men women and children of all ages that are keen to show their affiliation to the Mormon way of life and the LDS church. Nice looking simple and affordable CTR rings are the most popular as they still look attractive without costing too much money. For those willing to spend a little more on a CTR ring then there are a number of designers that make more ornate CTR rings. Most orthodox Mormons prefer a simplistic CTR ring these are usually solid silver with the letters CTR engraved on them which stands for the LDS Church motto “choose the right” many Mormon women opt for a gold CTR ring over silver.

CTR rings are also worn by children, some of the most popular CTR rings for children are made from silicone and they come in a wide variety of colours. CTR rings are often given to Mormon children after they have been baptised or other special family occasions such as a birthday. Silicone CTR rings are quite popular with young children as they are inexpensive meaning that if the ring were to get lost then it would be easy to replace.

Designer gold and silver CTR rings are more popular with the less orthodox Mormons or people that can afford to spend a little more on a CTR ring that they want to look more attractive while still serving the purpose of showing their affiliation to the LDS church. These more extravagant rings usually have a gemstone in the place of where the CTR logo would be on the cheaper and more simplistic CTR rings. The classic LDS ring with the letters CTR engraved upon them often worn to formal Church events and occasions and come in a wide range of sizes suitable for all ages.

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