CTR Rings for Priesthood Holders

When it comes to Mormonism, the Mormons take great pride in it- their religion and faith is their way of life and they ensure that they implement their religious teachings in the way they live their lives. That is why you will see that, to the Mormons, family matter. In addition to this the Mormons also believe in the need to be chaste when entering the Church and because of this the dresses (or temple dresses) that are worn to the church have high necklines and full sleeves. Everything that Mormons say, do and practice is related to their religion.

Their religion is their lifestyle and the way they run their lives is reflective of this. The idea of the CTR ring is what the Church of the Latter-Day Saint’s Church came up with in 1960 to promote Mormonism and amongst the youth (in particular). This way the Mormon faith would be something that people would be interested in by looking at these rings. Think of the CTR rings as a way of advertising the Mormon faith- the rings attract people and they want to learn more about Mormonism and once they do, some of them want to convert to Mormonism while others may be inspired to the extent that they change their lifestyles according to the Mormon principles and faith rather than converting completely. The ring is also a way of distinguishing a Mormon from a believer of Catholicism or from a believer of the Protestant Church. This is why you may see a large number of Mormons wearing these.

Apart from this the Mormons wear these rings because it helps create a sense of unity. You’ll see a large number of Mormons wearing these to the Church- it creates bonds the Mormons together, symbolically.

The best CTR rings for men depend upon the man’s age and why you’re getting it for him/her. If, say, you are getting a ring for your son, who is too young to be able to wear rings made of silver or gold, you could buy the silicone rings. These come in various colors and they happen to be quite cheap as opposed to other kinds of rings.

If you’re getting a ring for your fiancé, you could get him a designer CTR ring. This would be perfect for the engagement party/gathering you may have planned and apart from looking good on his fingers, it would also serve the purpose of showing people that he is affiliated to the LDS Church.

Perhaps the best CTR rings for men are the classic ones. These aren’t too expensive or flashy and you could get these from a number of stores. Or you could get these made- for example, if you have a silver or gold ring just lying around at home, you could always have the jeweler engrave it with the CTR shield and letters. This way whoever you are getting the ring for can where it wherever he wants.