The Importance of Temple Work Living LDS

Without a doubt the most important thing for any Mormon or member of the LDS Church is Temple work. Temples are used for performing temple ordinances where Mormons and LDS Church members can perform ordinances or blessings for deceased ancestors so that they can be joined together in the afterlife. The importance of temple work for the LDS was illustrated on a large scale in 1997 when the LDS president Gordon B Hinckley set a goal that there would be over one hundred Mormon temples built and operating around the world before the year 2000. At the time this goal was set there were currently only around 50 LDS temples currently operating. Today there are approximately 140 LDS temples currently in operation with plans for even more to be built.

The majority of the LDS temples are based in the United States but there are temples in almost every country across the world. Some of the largest and grandest of these LDS temples can be found in Salt Lake City Utah. Utah has the largest number of Mormons and LDS members living in the same area than anywhere else, for this reason the temples in Utah are extremely popular amongst members of the LDS Church.

The importance of temple work stems from one of the fundamental beliefs of all Mormons and that is that there is nothing more important than family. All Mormons are encouraged to research their family history and trace their ancestors so that they can be baptised or blessed even after death. This is where the LDS temples come into play as once an ancestor has been identified then a temple ordinance can be performed within one of the LDS temples.

With the steady increase in membership to the LDS church it’s not hard to see why more LDS temples are scheduled to be built in city’s all around the world, these majestic buildings are not only stunning to look at but they are an integral part of the Mormon religion and way of life.

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